Coffee 101

More than a decade ago we visited Costa Rica in Central America and were blown away by the coffee culture. Having visited coffee plantations throughout Central America, we suddenly found ourselves purchasing bags of un-roasted raw green coffee beans and bringing them back to roast for our private consumption here in Hazel Park.

All these years later we’ve gone from our little home roaster to not only our love for a good cup of coffee, but bringing our passion for coffee and coffee house culture to Hazel Park by opening up Civitas Coffee House.

We’ve visited more than 250 coffee shops throughout the U.S., Canada, Central America, and Europe learning everything we can about coffee and coffee shops!

While we serve lattes, mochas, and other flavored drinks, our speciality is offering Hazel Park its first French Press experience which we believe brings out the best elements of the coffee bean.


A French Press uses coarsely ground beans, which are stirred into water boiled at 195 degrees, and then sits for four minutes.

Newbies to French Presses sometimes think a ground or two that sneaks into their coffee cup destroys the form, but FAR FROM IT! A small amount of grounds in your cup is perfectly fine and normal. In fact, you can eat coffee beans! Chocolate covered espresso beans are a delicacy and we serve those also!




We also LOVE Espresso. At Civitas our goal is to offer an authentic coffee house experience and our Espresso machines are entirely manual; our baristas are taught how to tamp shots with 30 lbs of pressure by hand, as well as to accurately identify the three parts of an espresso (Heart, Body and Crema) so they are able to serve each shot and maximize the three elements to properly compliment each other. This isn’t to knock coffee shops that use automatic espresso machines; every coffee shop has their own little niche!